Demand Justice Statement on Supreme Court Ethics Reform Proposal Advancing Out of Committee


July 20, 2023

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WASHINGTON, DC— Following a party-line vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee to advance a Supreme Court ethics reform proposal, Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon released the following statement Thursday:

“With this vote, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee latched themselves onto a historically unpopular Supreme Court that is drowning in ethics scandals. Polling shows clearly that Americans have lost confidence in the Court and are demanding reforms, but Republicans  are making clear they will defend their corrupt allies on the Supreme Court no matter what . Democrats should promptly bring this bill to a vote on the floor whether or not it has the votes to pass, because voters deserve to know whether their elected representatives support reining in corruption at the nation’s highest court or not.”

On Wednesday, Demand Justice released a poll showing that, by a two-to-one margin, voters are less likely to support a member of Congress who opposes Supreme Court ethics reform.

Demand Justice has long supported a mandatory code of ethics  as a key part of Supreme Court reform. In December 2022, for example, Demand Justice organized a letter with 80+ organizations calling for passage of the bill approved today. 

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