What’s wrong with the Supreme Court?

There’s one area where Donald Trump and Republicans are quietly remaking America with almost no pushback. The federal courts are supposed to be the place that protects the rights of all Americans, but Trump is now filling them with judges who are loyal to him and his agenda.

Trump’s judges are overwhelmingly white men, unqualified for their posts, and consistently hold extreme, right-wing views. His nominees have a record of favoring big corporations over workers. They have fought to restrict women’s access to reproductive health services and deny equal treatment to LGBTQ Americans.

Trump’s judges also have a clear record of bigoted views when it comes to race. His nominees have defended voter suppression tactics, promoted the racist birther conspiracy against President Obama, and even defended the Ku Klux Klan. His picks also won’t even say they agree with the historic Brown vs. Board of Education decision by the Supreme Court that led to the desegregation of our nation’s schools.

Republicans have been leading a decades-long fight to tilt the balance of the courts toward extreme conservatism. With Trump, they’re getting their way. We need to fight back to restore this balance and protect our American ideals.

What are we doing about it?

To fight back, we are empowering citizens to organize around our nation’s courts and prevent them from devolving into just another tool of economic and social oppression. We wage fact-based campaigns to defend our right to bodily autonomy and to stop our courts from pursuing an agenda that further enriches the wealthy and corporations at the expense of everyday Americans.

We resist those who distort our laws to try to legitimize discrimination against women, communities of color and LGBTQ Americans. And we work to elevate more women and people of color to the federal bench because we believe judges should reflect the diversity of the society they serve.