Demand Justice supports four court reform measures

The Supreme Court has been captured by partisan, Republican interests. We need structural court reform to depoliticize the Court once and for all.

1 Restore balance by adding four seats to the Supreme Court.
2 Depoliticize the Supreme Court by creating term limits 
for justices.
3 Create a binding code of ethics for Supreme Court justices.
4 Improve access to justice and diversity 
by adding judges to lower courts.
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Demand Justice Praises Johnson Lower Court Expansion Bill

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Nominate Progressives to the Courts

CNN: Inside Democrats’ quest to nominate judges who break the ex-prosecutor mold

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Impeach Brett Kavanaugh

Common Dreams: Progressives Demand Probe After Revelations About FBI Investigation of Kavanaugh

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Bloomberg Law: Progressives Look to Next Term to Keep Focus on Supreme Court