Press Release: Progressives To Democratic Senators: It’s Time To Unite Against Brett Kavanaugh



August 27, 2018

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WASHINGTON, DC—The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to start Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing in just over a week—completely ignoring the fact that Donald Trump was just implicated in multiple federal crimes and that Kavanaugh believes that presidents ought to be above the law. Even more stunning, two dozen Democratic Senators have refused to publicly state their opposition to Kavanaugh. Demand Justice, Indivisible, MoveOn, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Color of Change, CREDO, Daily Kos, Democracy for America, PCCC and Ultraviolet are joining together to launch and demand that “every Democratic senator must announce their opposition to Kavanaugh’s confirmation immediately.”

This weekend tens of thousands of people turned out across the country to oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation and they expect their senators to do the same.

Launched on Monday, tracks each Democratic senator’s position on Kavanaugh’s confirmation and gives their constituents the tools they need to contact their offices.

“Democratic senators should not need grassroots pressure to stand united in opposition to Donald Trump’s takeover of the Supreme Court,” CREDO Action Co-Director Heidi Hess said. “Sadly, this is just the latest evidence that many Democratic elected officials in Washington remain out of touch with the anti-Trump resistance movement,” She continued. “If Senate Democrats don’t unify in opposition to Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Sen. Chuck Schumer will have failed to effectively lead his caucus against Trump’s dangerous agenda.”

“This Administration has already stolen children from their parents and eroded voter protections that disproportionately impact Black communities; with Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, they will have the legislative power to see through reversing reproductive rights and other hard-fought protections that are vital to safety of marginalized communities across America,” said Arisha Hatch, managing director of campaigns at Color of Change. “Brett Kavanaugh has passed Trump’s litmus test for bigotry and cruelty with flying colors and right now, Senate Democrats have the opportunity to truly represent the interests of the people who put them in power by publicly opposing Kavanaugh immediately. Senate Democrats must unify their opposition or continue to fail to respond to the threat to democracy that Trump’s agenda represents. We need real opposition, and we need the Democrats to take action now.”

“Our members have been unequivocal in their opposition to Kavanaugh’s confirmation — making calls, writing emails, rallying, and sharing their health care and abortion stories. We’re looking to Senate Democrats to join us in doing everything they can to stop Kavanaugh,” said Monique Teal, Senior Campaign Director at Daily Kos. “The election is just around the corner. We cannot afford a loss of enthusiasm when there is so much at stake. It’s well past time for Democratic senators to publicly oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.”

“The fight against Brett Kavanaugh is winnable but only if Senate Democrats quickly unite in opposition so we can focus on pressuring a Republican to break ranks,” said Brian Fallon, founder of Demand Justice. “At this point, it is absurd that there are still more than two dozen Democrats on the fence about Kavanaugh. He is the most unpopular Supreme Court nominee in 35 years and it is time to fight his nomination with the urgency it deserves.”

“The choice on Brett Kavanaugh is clear for all Democratic Senators: Follow the lead of Senator Mazie Hirono and reject granting a life-time Supreme Court appointment to a President identified as a co-conspirator in a criminal matter still under prosecution,” said Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director of Democracy for America.

“The only way we can prevent the Supreme Court from swinging to the far right for decades to come is if Democrats hold together and vote no,” said Elizabeth Beavers, associate policy director of the Indivisible Project. “This is one of the toughest fights yet of the Trump era. Every Democrat needs to come out loud and clear in opposition to this nominee, so we that we can focus the pressure on moderate Republicans.”

“MoveOn members showed up in all 50 states for the Unite for Justice day of action. Every Democratic Senator had protestors in their home state calling on them to oppose Brett Kavanaugh. We also have hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members who are committed to mobilizing the second the Mueller investigation is compromised. They are vigilant right now, given the convictions last week for Cohen and Manafort. They see that rushing this hearing without examining Kavanaugh’s complete record is a crass attempt by the GOP to rubber stamp a nominee who will refuse to hold Trump accountable. They see the immediate jeopardy in confirming Kavanaugh, who won’t hold Trump accountable for the crimes he’s been implicated in. And they see the long-term peril of a lifetime appointment of an extremist conservative to the Supreme Court, long after Trump is gone, which would undo so many of the hard-fought gains that MoveOn members have been fighting for for decades.”  ​

“A vote for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination is a vote to end Roe v Wade and criminalize abortion. There can be no doubt about this. Brett Kavanaugh is the least popular Supreme Court nominee in history because people understand what is at stake with this seat and this fight,” said Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America. “This weekend, we saw people come out at more than 200 events in every state in this country to demand their Senators oppose this nomination. It was the largest single day Supreme Court nominee protest in history. The people have spoken, now it is time for their elected leaders to hear them and go on the record and oppose Brett Kavanaugh.”

“There is no keeping powder dry,” said Adam Green, co-founder of PCCC. “This is the fight. Any issue anyone says they care about is at stake in this nomination fight.”

“Brett Kavanaugh is a guaranteed vote to cement the worst of Donald Trump’s policies for generations to come. He will end Roe v Wade and criminalize abortion, gut the ACA, particularly protections for pre-existing conditions, rollback LGTBQ rights, end Affirmative Action, and chip away at voting rights,” said Shaunna Thomas, spokesperson for UltraViolet Action. “Americans know what’s at stake–that’s why he is historically unpopular. This should be a no-brainer: every single Senate Democrat must publicly oppose Kavanaugh immediately.”

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