Progressive Judicial Group Expands Maine Ad Buy to Television After Collins Doubles Down on Support for Kavanaugh


February 15, 2019

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Demand Justice Initiative Tells Collins: ‘Just Admit Your Vote Was a Mistake’

WASHINGTON, DC—After Senator Susan Collins defended Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s decision in a controversial abortion case, Demand Justice Initiative announced Friday it is expanding an ad buy highlighting Collins’ vote last year for Kavanaugh.

In addition to the digital ad campaign that started in Maine last week, Demand Justice Initiative will begin airing a new, 30-second television ad this weekend.

With rumors circulating of another conservative justice on the Supreme Court potentially retiring later this year, Demand Justice Initiative is urging Collins to admit she was wrong in supporting Kavanaugh and will not take the same approach with a future Trump nominee. 

“Susan Collins should just admit her vote for Brett Kavanaugh was a mistake,” Demand Justice Initiative Executive Director Brian Fallon said. “Collins is doubling down on her vote for Kavanaugh even after he very clearly declared war on Roe. Kavanaugh has shown that he has no respect for abortion rights, and for Susan Collins to continue pretending otherwise at this point is an insult to her voters’ intelligence.”

The TV buy includes broadcast and cable in both the Portland and Bangor markets. The spot will first air this Sunday during the Sunday news programs as well as during CBS’ 60 Minutes that evening.

The 30-second spot harkens back to Kavanaugh’s confirmation process with a clip of Collins shaking hands with Kavanaugh and a quote in which she explicitly states that she does not believe Kavanaugh will repeal Roe because he claimed it was settled law. The ad then highlights Kavanaugh’s recent vote in the Louisiana abortion law case, the Court’s first major reproductive rights case since Kavanaugh became a justice, and calls out Collins for her sham of a promise to protect women’s rights. 

A transcript of the ad appears below.


VOICEOVER: Susan Collins promised her vote for Brett Kavanaugh would not threaten Roe v. Wade.

CLIP OF SUSAN COLLINS: “I do not believe he is going to repeal Roe v. Wade.”

VOICEOVER: But only four months later…

CLIP OF TODAY SHOW’S HODA KOTB: “The Supreme Court has weighed in on its most significant abortion case since conservative Brett Kavanaugh joined the Court.”

CLIP OF LOCAL NEWS: “The Louisiana law … would force two of the state’s three abortion clinics to close.”

CLIP OF CBS EARLY SHOW: “Justice Kavanaugh wrote separately to say he would allow the [anti-abortion] law to take effect for now.”

VOICEOVER: Collins promised to protect women’s rights.

But it was all a sham.

And we won’t forget.

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