McLeod/Darby in The Post and Courier: Candidates need plan to reform courts, restore balance

Big news in South Carolina on court reform!

South Carolina’s Senator Mia McLeod and Reverend Joe Darby wrote in an op-ed that the Supreme Court continues to look the other way when it comes to reckless police behavior and that the next Democratic president must work to reform the Court. The op-ed describes the Supreme Court-established doctrine of “qualified immunity,” which protects law enforcement officers from facing consequences for potentially irresponsible and abusive behavior. McLeod and Darby lament that despite bipartisan support for reining in qualified immunity, the Court has refused to do so. As a result, they assert that the Supreme Court ought to be reformed and recommitted to serving the American public. Several South Carolina activists signed onto the op-ed, including political commentator and former South Carolina Representative Bakari Sellers.