Demand Justice Statement on Supreme Court’s GOP Bloc Striking Down Common-Sense Gun Violence Prevention Measure


June 23, 2022

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WASHINGTON, DC— In response to news that the Republican justices on the Supreme Court have struck down a New York law restricting the concealed carry of guns, Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon issued the following statement Thursday:

“As Americans cry out for action to stop the gun violence epidemic, the Republican Supreme Court majority has decimated the country’s ability to stop the shootings. Unless Democrats embrace calls to expand the Court, they are accepting a future where an out-of-touch Supreme Court has made it functionally impossible to take the action needed to prevent gun violence. This decision comes in the same week that the Senate is voting on a compromise gun safety bill, providing a stark reminder that no amount of legislative maneuvering will be enough to solve the country’s problem if Democrats do not deal with the existential threat posed by the Supreme Court’s Republican supermajority.”

A June poll conducted by Hart Research on behalf of Demand Justice found that Americans in states with Senate races this year disapproved by a 21-point margin of a potential Supreme Court decision that would “overturn many local and state gun regulations, which would allow more people to carry a gun in public.”

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