Demand Justice Statement on Committee Vote to Advance Judicial Nominee Steven Menashi

Demand Justice Announces Ads Urging Republican Senators to Reject Menashi for Potential Involvement in Ukraine Coverup

WASHINGTON, DC—Demand Justice Chief Counsel Christopher Kang released the following statement Thursday after the Senate Judiciary Committee voted party-line to advance the nomination of Steven Menashi, a White House attorney who may have been involved in the coverup of the call between President Trump and the president of Ukraine at the center of the impeachment inquiry, to fill Thurgood Marshall’s seat on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals:

“With this vote, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee have made clear that they value filling the courts with extreme, right-wing judges over getting to the truth.

“Steven Menashi may have participated in the Ukraine coverup, and now some Republicans want to promote him from covering for Trump in the White House to covering for him on the federal bench. With this confirmation vote, we’ll see if Senators’ allegiances lie with justice or with Donald Trump.”

Demand Justice will run digital ads targeting Senators Romney, Murkowski, McSally, Gardner, Tillis, and Ernst in their home states leading up to the Senate vote on Menashi urging them to oppose his nomination because of his potential ties to the Ukraine scandal.

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