Demand Justice Launches “Stand with Pam Karlan” Digital Ad Campaign

Professor Karlan Among 32 Progressive Lawyers on Demand Justice Supreme Court Shortlist

WASHINGTON, DC—On Friday, Demand Justice announced a digital ad campaign thanking Stanford Law Professor Pamela Karlan for speaking truth to power and encouraging progressives to stand with her as President Trump’s apologists launch absurd assaults on her.

The ads follow Karlan’s testimony at Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing and subsequent right-wing attacks on her character, including attacks from the White House and calls for Karlan’s firing from Stanford Law School.

Karlan is one of 32 qualified, diverse individuals on Demand Justice’s shortlist of potential nominees to the Supreme Court for the next Democratic president. She has dedicated her career to fighting for equal justice under the law, including as an advocate for voting rights and LGBTQ+ equality.

“Professor Karlan’s brilliant appearance before Congress was yet another example of her skill as a lawyer and her willingness to do the right thing even when she will face backlash for it,” said Demand Justice Chief Counsel Christopher Kang. “As long as people like Professor Karlan are willing to speak truth to power, there will be right-wing trolls using misinformation to try to discredit and attack them for doing their duty. Progressives need to show that we’ll have the backs of lawyers brave enough to stand up to Donald Trump’s abuse of power.”

An example of the ad appears below.

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