Demand Justice Launches New Ads on Harry Reid’s Call for Candidates to Focus on Supreme Court

Digital Ads to Run in Nevada in Advance of Upcoming Presidential Debate

WASHINGTON, DC—Demand Justice announced a new digital ad campaign Wednesday highlighting former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s call for presidential candidates to present their plans for the Supreme Court.

The ads will appear on the digital homepages of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Las Vegas Sun in advance of Wednesday’s presidential debate.

Reid recently wrote an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune calling on presidential candidates to focus on the Court and commit to nominating diverse, progressive judges. He specifically praised Demand Justice’s shortlist of 32 recommended Supreme Court nominees as a blueprint. Reid wrote: “Any Democratic candidate serious about addressing the urgent crises facing our country needs a plan for dealing with the Supreme Court. This starts with a public commitment to nominate bold, progressive lawyers to the court.”

“During his time in the Senate, Harry Reid was committed to confirming fair, qualified judges to the bench, and he overcame historic levels of obstruction to do so,” said Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon. “As candidates campaign in Reid’s home state of Nevada, they should heed his call and pledge to nominate bold, progressive leaders to the Supreme Court.”

An image of the Las Vegas Sun homepage takeover can be found below.

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