What People Are Reading: Barrett Evades on Key Issues

What People Are Reading: Barrett Evades on Key Issues

Amy Coney Barrett’s evasiveness about her alarming track record on Roe v. Wade and the Affordable Care Act and her unwillingness to stand up to Donald Trump’s attacks on our democracy and abuses of power are leading the news.

Despite Barrett’s refusal to come clean on where she stands on issue after issue, Republicans continue to push forward with an illegitimate process at unprecedented speed, even as they refuse to provide COVID relief and more than 13 million people have already voted.

Here are just some of the headlines Americans are reading.

The Guardian: Amy Coney Barrett dodges abortion, healthcare and election law questions

CNN: ‘It’s distressing not to get a straight answer’: Democrats grill Barrett on health care and abortion

CNN: Barrett refuses to commit on Roe v. Wade

NPR: Barrett Says She Does Not Consider Roe V. Wade ‘Super-Precedent’

CBS: Barrett says Roe v. Wade is not “superprecedent”

Vox: Amy Coney Barrett refused to say if Trump can delay the election. The correct answer is he can’t.

Washington Post: Postpone the election? Voter intimidation? Amy Coney Barrett is open to it.

Forbes: Amy Coney Barrett Refuses To Answer Question About If Trump Resists Peaceful Transfer Of Presidential Power

NBC: Barrett dodges question about whether she’d recuse herself from any 2020 election case

NPR: Can Trump Pardon Himself? Barrett Sidesteps What Booker Calls A Live Issue

The Root: Let the Record Show: Amy Coney Barrett Draws Scrutiny for Ruling Saying ‘N-Word’ Doesn’t Prove a Workplace Is Hostile

New York Times: Climate change made an appearance, and Barrett’s language mirrored G.O.P. talking points.

Mother Jones: On Climate, Amy Coney Barrett Demurs, “I’m Not a Scientist.”

HuffPo: Amy Coney Barrett Says She Has No ‘Firm Views’ On Climate Change

The Guardian: Kamala Harris grilling prompts doubtful claim from Amy Coney Barrett

MSNBC: Amy Coney Barrett’s stance on IVF concerns fertility doctors

Romper: Amy Coney Barrett’s Nomination Has Some Worried About The Future Of IVF  

NPR: Amy Coney Barrett Avoids Giving Position On Abortion Rights

Reuters: Trump’s Supreme Court pick avoids questions on abortion, gay marriage

Newsweek: Amy Coney Barrett Refuses to Answer Questions on Abortion, Obamacare and Trump Delaying Election

ABC: Barrett won’t give views on same-sex marriage, a president’s authority to delay an election

Mother Jones: Lindsey Graham Opens Barrett’s Confirmation Hearing by Attacking Obamacare  

ABC: Barrett won’t say whether she agrees with Scalia that Roe was wrongly decided

HuffPo: Amy Coney Barrett Dodges All Of Democrats’ Questions On Health Care, Abortion

HuffPost: Amy Coney Barrett Dragged For Claiming She ‘Never’ Discriminates On ‘Sexual Preference’

Washington Post: Barrett’s refusal to recuse on the election is disqualifying

LGBTQ Nation: With just two words, Amy Coney Barrett revealed how biased she is against LGBTQ people

Slate: Amy Coney Barrett Explained Why She Doesn’t Care About Preexisting Conditions

USA Today: I’m a cancer survivor, but I might not survive Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court

AZ Central: Amy Coney Barrett Ducks the Abortion Question, Ruth Bader Ginsberg Did Not.

Des Moines Register: Survivors of sexual violence deserve a better Supreme Court justice than Amy Coney Barrett

Bangor Daily News: Editorial: Passing a substantial relief bill must be the top priority for Congress

Salt Lake Tribune: Sen. Mike Lee asks Amy Coney Barrett few questions; gives long speeches instead