What People Are Reading: Barrett Evades on Basic Questions

Amy Coney Barrett’s refusal to answer basic questions about the legality of IVF, birth control, voting rights, and marriage equality and to affirm obvious facts about climate change and presidential powers led to more bad headlines for her out of the second day of Senate Judiciary Committee questioning.

As Republicans continued to rush Barrett’s confirmation process over the objection of the clear majority of Americans, here are some of the headlines Americans are reading about her:

CNN: Notre Dame calendars show more events not listed on Amy Coney Barrett’s Senate paperwork

Independent: ‘Stunned’: Amy Coney Barrett refuses to say she would keep birth control and same-sex marriage legal

Business Insider: Amy Coney Barrett refuses to say whether she agrees with the Supreme Court’s decisions legalizing birth control and same-sex marriage

The Guardian: Amy Coney Barrett refuses to tell Kamala Harris if she thinks climate change is happening

Vox: Amy Coney Barrett describes climate change as a “very contentious matter of public debate”

The Hill: Barrett says climate change is a ‘contentious matter of public debate’

HuffPo: Amy Coney Barrett’s Climate Dodge Isn’t Just Unscientific. It’s At Odds With Most Americans.

New York Times: Climate change made an appearance, and Barrett’s language mirrored G.O.P. talking points

Salon: Outrage after Amy Coney Barrett claims she has no “firm views” on climate crisis

Forward: Amy Coney Barrett may threaten access to IVF, and Jewish fertility advocates are worried

Business Insider: Top fertility doctors oppose Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination, warning it could threaten access to IVF, contraception, and abortion

Glamour: Where Amy Coney Barrett Stands on IVF: The Supreme Court nominee’s view on IVF has fertility doctors speaking out in warning.

Jezabel: Wildly Anti-Abortion Judge Can’t Possibly Say Whether She’d Restrict Birth Control

Yahoo News: Barrett declines to answer whether she agrees that Medicare is unconstitutional

Slate: Amy Coney Barrett Calls Family Separation a “Policy Debate,” Refuses to Say if It’s Morally Wrong

NBC: Barrett declines to answer whether child separation is ‘wrong’

New York Times: Barrett refused to answer question on Trump’s family separation policy at the border.

Slate: Amy Coney Barrett Won’t Say Trump’s Obvious Lawlessness Is Lawless

Vox: Amy Coney Barrett’s opposition to Obamacare, explained

CNN Opinion: Amy Coney Barrett’s alarming non-answers

Boston Globe Opinion: Amy Coney Barrett and the antiabortion movement’s shifting lines in the sand

Marketplace: Amy Coney Barrett says ‘politically controversial’ climate change is still a matter of public debate

New York Times: Peppered with questions on Trump’s powers, Barrett offers no answers.

CNN: Barrett doesn’t say one way or another if President Trump can pardon himself

The Root: Amy Coney Barrett Draws Scrutiny for Ruling Saying ‘N-Word’ Doesn’t Prove a Workplace Is Hostile

CBS: Barrett doesn’t say whether a president could unilaterally bar certain people from voting

WaPo: Amy Coney Barrett’s cagey testimony