Rise, Student Debt Collective Endorse Supreme Court Expansion


February 28, 2023

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WASHINGTON, DC— Two leading organizations advocating for student debt relief, Rise and Student Debt Collective, announced their support for Supreme Court expansion Tuesday.

“To put higher-education in reach for all, we need a court system where students and all working people will be treated fairly,” said Rise National Organizing Director Ambalika Williams. “The far-right supermajority that controls this Supreme Court cannot be trusted to rule fairly on proposals to make college affordable for all. Rise supports expanding the Supreme Court to restore balance.”

“These sham lawsuits are so extreme they should have never even reached the Supreme Court,” said Debt Collective Press Secretary Braxton Brewington. “Student debt cancellation is legal – and should the justices go rogue and knock it down – we know there are other paths to deliver relief. It’s no secret the Supreme Court has been captured by billionaire special interests, which is why we need fundamental reforms to our judiciary, including expansion.”

Student advocates appeared alongside Williams and Demand Justice to support expansion outside the Capitol on Tuesday. Photos of the event can be found below.

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