New Demand Justice Radio Ad in Mississippi Pressures Hyde-Smith on Federal Judge Nominee with Ties to Racist Causes



November 26, 2018

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Radio Spot Also Airing in NC to Target Tillis for Recommending Thomas Farr for Lifetime Spot on Federal Bench

WASHINGTON, DC—On Monday, Demand Justice announced a new radio ad in Mississippi pressuring Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) who could be the deciding vote to confirm a controversial federal judge nominee with a history of ties to racist causes.

The Senate could vote as soon as Wednesday on the nomination of Thomas Farr, who has been nominated to serve as a district court judge in North Carolina. Farr’s nomination has been vehemently opposed by civil rights leaders because of his history of involvement in voter suppression schemes. He helped author and defend a North Carolina voting law that was struck down by a federal court for targeting African Americans “with almost surgical precision.” He was also linked to a voter intimidation plot carried out by former Senator Jesse Helms’ campaign in 1990. That scheme was the basis of a federal investigation by former President George H.W. Bush’s Justice Department.

With Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) pledging to oppose all of Trump’s judicial nominees until a vote is allowed on legislation to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, Democrats only need one more vote against Farr in order to block his confirmation.

Hyde-Smith faces a hotly contested runoff election on Tuesday. She has come under fire for controversial comments that made joking references to a “hanging” and that expressed support for voter suppression activities.

The 60-second radio spot features national civil rights leader Reverend Dr. William Barber II denouncing Farr. Barber says that putting Farr in the position to rule on civil rights violations would be the equivalent of “putting the fox in the hen house.”

Demand Justice is airing a similar version of the radio spot in North Carolina, calling out Senator Thom Tillis, who has been a staunch supporter of Farr’s nomination and who faces reelection in 2020.

A transcript of the Mississippi ad appears below.


ANNOUNCER: Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith was caught saying she supported voter suppression. Now, she could be the deciding vote to make Thomas Farr a federal judge, even though Farr helped write a voter suppression law that targeted African Americans.

Here’s civil rights leader Reverend Dr. William Barber II on why Farr must be stopped:

WILLIAM BARBER II: “By the Trump administration nominating Thomas Farr, it is an attempt to stack the courts with a lawyer who has a known history of supporting systemic racism and unconstitutional legal theory.”

“We know what racialized voter suppression has done and Farr has been at the center of voter suppression all his legal career. In essence, it would be like putting the fox over the hen house.”

“He has no place to have a lifetime appointment on the bench.”

ANNOUNCER: Call 855-909-8914 and tell Senator Hyde-Smith to vote “No” on Thomas Farr.

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