Demand Justice Reveals New Analysis Showing Trump’s Judicial Picks Are More Extreme Than Even Past GOP Presidents’



January 24, 2019

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Average Trump Judge Leans 20% Further Right Than Average Pick by George W. Bush

WASHINGTON, DC—A new study released Thursday by Demand Justice reveals that President Donald Trump’s confirmed judges are more ideologically extreme than even those of past Republican presidents.

The first-of-its-kind study of Trump’s judicial selections found that on average, Trump judges leaned 20% further to the right ideologically than the average pick made by President George W. Bush.

The study also observed that the average Trump-nominated judge has been more active as a political donor – and made more of their campaign contributions to candidates from one party (in this case, the GOP) – than the judges nominated by any other president in recent history.

The analysis was conducted for Demand Justice by Data for Progress, a progressive think-tank. It relied on a methodology, developed by political science professors at Harvard and Stanford, that examines the political donation history of the judicial nominees.

“This analysis reveals how dangerously far to the right Trump has moved the federal courts in almost no time at all,” said Brian Fallon, Executive Director of Demand Justice. “The results of this trend will be devastating for progressives for decades to come. Democrats in the Senate have been too slow to recognize the crisis that is underway and continue to support many of these nominees as if they are within the mainstream ideologically. These are not normal nominees, and Democrats can’t continue to treat this situation as business as usual.”

These data show conclusively what Americans have long feared: Trump, McConnell and the Koch Brothers are working tirelessly to solidify a white, male far-right judiciary, which will wage war on women, people of color and workers for generations to come,” said Sean McElwee, co-founder of Data for Progress.

“These data show that President Trump has accelerated ongoing trends in the politicization of the federal judiciary,” said Jon Green, co-founder of Data for Progress. “His judicial appointees are more likely to have donated to partisan candidates, and those candidates have been more consistently tilted in one party’s direction, than those of his predecessors.”

The report notes that over 90 percent of Trump’s judges are white and three-quarters of them are male, making a combined 71 percent both white and male. Comparatively, just 37 percent of judges appointed by President Barack Obama were both white and male.

A summary of the full report is available here.

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