Polling Roundup: Americans Disapprove of Republicans Rushing Through Supreme Court Nominee

Seven new polls released since the announcement of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing paint a consistent picture: Americans do not want Republicans to rush through a confirmation right now.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Navigator: “By 20-point margin, Americans want winner of November election to pick Ginsburg’s replacement” and “fewer than a third of independents think Trump should immediately nominate a replacement.”
  • CNBC: “Only 37% of voters nationally think Trump should be able to nominate a justice if he loses, while 57% believe he should not.”
  • Reuters: “62% of American adults agreed the vacancy should be filled by the winner of the Nov. 3 matchup between Trump and Democratic former Vice President Joe Biden, while 23% disagreed and the rest said they were not sure.”
  • Data for Progress: “A majority of voters (53 percent) agree that the seat should be filled after the upcoming election in order to give voters a say in the process.”
  • YouGov: “about half of registered voters (51%) do not believe President Trump should appoint a new Supreme Court justice before the presidential inauguration in January 2021.” Just 42% percent say the opposite.
  • Morning Consult: “37% said President Trump should pick Ginsburg’s replacement regardless of who wins on Nov. 3, while 50% said the winner of the November election should make the pick.”
  • Business Insider: “58% of American voters think the Senate should not fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court vacancy until after the election.”