Independent Analysts, Legal Experts Praise Jackson’s Qualifications, Experience, Temperament

New Yorker: “Jackson is eminently qualified”

NPR: Jackson “has led a professional and personal life at once classic and unpredictable. … she is an experienced judge. … Prior to her becoming a judge, her legal experience was extensive and varied.”

Bloomberg: Jackson has “a powerful resume” and her “breadth would set her apart on [the] Supreme Court.”

Washington Post: Jackson “brings legal experiences other justices lack.”

New York Times Editorial Board: “Jackson will bring vital, underrepresented experiences and intellectual firepower to the high court. … she is as prepared as any of the sitting justices, and perhaps more than some, to assume the role of a final arbiter of the nation’s most pressing legal disputes.”

Washington Post Editorial Board: “Judge Jackson by all accounts possesses the qualities essential in a Supreme Court justice. … She also appears to be a keen and careful legal thinker.”

More than 200 Black women law professors: Jackson is “one of the brightest legal minds in the country with a well-rounded set of experiences in the legal system and judiciary.”

Los Angeles Times: Jackson “has broad legal experience from serving in an array of positions.”

Slate: ”Ketanji Brown Jackson is exactly who the Supreme Court needs right now. … a home run for the court and the country.”

BBC: “Her credentials… are high caliber.”

Slate: “Jackson has by every account lived an exemplary life, achieved astonishing professional heights, and done so while scrupulously attempting to adhere to the highest personal and professional ethical standards.”

The San Diego Union-Tribune editorial board: Jackson is “an impressive and historic pick.”

Washington Post: Jackson “would bring a diverse personal and professional background to the high court.”

CNN: Jackson has a “sparkling resume.”

New York Times: Jackson “has a substantial judicial track record, having served on federal courts longer than several of the current justices had when they were appointed.”

New York Times: Jackson’s district court opinions are “diligent and exceptionally thorough, exhibiting a sure command of both the facts before her and the relevant legal materials” and the circuit court opinions are “crisp and forceful.”

AP: Jackson “would be the high court’s first former public defender, though she possesses the elite legal background of other justices as well.”

Vice: “A level of personal experience with the criminal justice system that’s unique on the Supreme Court” 

Vox: “She will also be the only justice with significant experience representing low-income criminal defendants.”

ABC News: “Not since Justice Clarence Thomas was nominated in 1991 has a Supreme Court candidate been scrutinized by the Senate as many times.”

Harry Litman, Los Angeles Times legal affairs columnist: Jackson is “an unequivocally well-qualified nominee.”

Joyce Vance, MSNBC Columnist: “Jackson is highly qualified.”

Njeri Mathis Rutledge, South Texas College of Law Houston Professor: Jackson is “exceptionally qualified with the experience, character, integrity and dedication to the Constitution and rule of law.”