In New Digital Ads, Demand Justice Targets John Roberts’ Hypocrisy in Criticizing Schumer While Staying Mum About Trump’s Recent Attacks on Judges

WASHINGTON, DC—Demand Justice announced a new digital ad campaign Thursday encouraging Americans to call the Supreme Court and complain directly about John Roberts’ blatantly partisan standards for speaking out about criticism of the courts.

Roberts failed to speak up when President Trump called on Judge Curiel to recuse himself from Trump-related cases because “he’s a Mexican,” assailed Justices Sotomayor and Ginsburgclaimed that the judge overseeing Roger Stone’s case was “totally biased,” and referred to Judge James Robart as a “so-called judge” after he temporarily blocked Trump’s travel ban.

On Wednesday, Roberts issued a rare statement responding to a speech in which Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer warned that if members of the Court rule in favor of new restrictions on abortion rights, they would risk a public backlash.

“John Roberts is a hypocrite. He stoked a right-wing frenzy based on a willful misreading of Leader Schumer’s comments but he has shrugged when a Republican president makes racist, unfounded attacks on judges,” Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon said. “Roberts’ selective outrage proves Schumer’s core point that the Republican justices’ partisan bias is showing itself and inviting political backlash from the public.”

An example of the ad appears below.

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