Demand Justice Urges House Democrats to Hold Hearing with Federal Judge that Just Blew Whistle on Roberts Court’s Partisan Bias

US District Judge Adelman Sounded the Alarm About Supreme Court’s Anti-Democracy, Pro-Republican Bias

WASHINGTON, DC—Demand Justice on Thursday called for House Democrats to hold a hearing with the sitting federal judge who this week became a whistleblower exposing politicization at the highest levels of the federal judicial branch.

In a letter to Rep. Hank Johnson, the chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet, Demand Justice proposed that a hearing be convened on the politicization of the courts, with U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman as the lead witness.

Adelman recently authored a paper in the Harvard Law and Policy Review titled “The Roberts Court’s Assault on Democracy.” He wrote, “the Court’s hard right majority is actively participating in undermining American democracy. Indeed, the Roberts Court has contributed to insuring that the political system in the United States pays little attention to ordinary Americans and responds only to the wishes of a relatively small number of powerful corporations and individuals.” 

Demand Justice’s letter points out that Adelman’s extraordinary article is just the latest example of people inside and outside the federal judiciary sounding the alarm about the Roberts Court. The letter references Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s dissent warning of the Court’s pro-Trump rulings and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s amicus brief drawing attention to the Republican justices often siding with corporations and special interests over the American people. The letter also highlights the conservative campaign to sink a Judicial Conference committee rule that would have discouraged judges from joining partisain institutions like the Federalist Society. 

“Many people who have witnessed our judiciary from the inside are clearly concerned about the increasingly partisan, biased nature of our system, and Americans need to hear from Judge Adelman about why he chose to speak up,” the letter states.

A full copy of the letter can be found here.

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