Demand Justice Statement On Trump Immunity Ruling: The Supreme Court Has Shaken The Foundations Of Our Democracy


July 1, 2024

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Washington, DC–Following the Supreme Court’s ruling in Trump v. United States, which gives broad protections to disgraced former President Donald Trump, including immunity for his official acts as president, Demand Justice Managing Director Maggie Jo Buchanan released the following statement: 

“When the Chief Justice wrote, “The President is not above the law. But…,” he put into question our nation’s future as a democracy.   

“For decades, Republicans have worked toward building a judiciary and a Supreme Court that will amass them more power and act contrary to the will and values of the American people. As a result, our children’s rights are being taken away from them, and their opportunities to thrive are dwindling.  

“This ruling would not have been possible without the three justices Donald Trump appointed to the bench. And indeed, as Justice Sotomayor explains in dissent, the majority’s opinion, ‘makes

a mockery of the principle, foundational to our Constitution and system of Government, that no man is above the law.’ Judges should be loyal to our nation’s laws–not the party that put them on the bench.”