Demand Justice Statement on Supreme Court Ruling Against Extending WI Absentee Voting Despite Pandemic

WASHINGTON, DC—Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon released the following statement Monday evening following the Supreme Court ruling along party lines that the deadline for voting absentee in tomorrow’s Wisconsin primary cannot be extended despite a national health emergency:

“As with Bush v. Gore, the Republican justices on the Supreme Court are again putting their thumbs on the scale to try to decide an election. This is unlikely to be the last voting rights case to come before the Court this year in light of the pandemic, and this ruling is an ominous sign of what may be in store.

“This decision is outrageous, but it’s not surprising. The Roberts Court has long been the centerpiece of the Republican war on democracy. The Republican justices gutted the Voting Rights Act, opened the floodgates to billionaires and corporations trying to buy elections, and green-lit voter roll purges and partisan gerrymandering. Any plan to make our democracy work again has to include a plan to rein in the Roberts Court’s anti-democratic majority. It’s not an adequate strategy to simply seek to win the next election because the Roberts Court has shown it is not above rigging them.”

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