Demand Justice Statement on Supreme Court Agreeing to Hear Trump Tax Returns Cases

WASHINGTON, DC—Demand Justice Chief Counsel Christopher Kang released the following statement Friday after the Supreme Court agreed to take up three different cases regarding subpoenas of President Donald Trump’s tax records, one of which concerns a Manhattan grand jury and the other two of which concern the House of Representatives:

“The Supreme Court has established itself as a partisan body that is actively working to protect Donald Trump. Trump cemented the right-wing majority on the Court, and now the five Republican justices likely will return the favor by allowing him to hide his tax returns from prosecutors, the House of Representatives, and the American public. The independence of the highest court in the land has been compromised, and this is just another example of why the Court must be structurally reformed.”

If the Supreme Court ultimately rules against either the House or the Manhattan grand jury, it would be yet another instance of the Court granting Trump’s overreach of power. Since Trump’s justices were confirmed, the Republican majority has allowed him to move forward with his ban on people from certain Muslim countries entering the United States, his ban on transgender individuals serving in the military, and his decision to bypass Congress for emergency funding for his racist border wall.

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