Demand Justice Statement on Sanders’ Openness to Releasing Supreme Court Shortlist

WASHINGTON, DC—Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon released the following statement Monday in response to Senator Bernie Sanders expressing willingness to release a list of potential Supreme Court nominees:

“Releasing a Supreme Court shortlist would help voters understand how a candidate would deal with one of the most important issues facing the country and mobilize voters around a progressive vision for the courts. Bernie Sanders’ openness to releasing his list is a step in the right direction.

“As the field narrows, all presidential candidates should prioritize the courts if they want to show voters they have a real plan to protect any of their other ideas from a hijacked judiciary. The moderators at this week’s Democratic primary debate should ask other candidates whether they will release a list of Supreme Court nominees.”

In October, Demand Justice released its own shortlist of 32 bold, progressive picks for the Supreme Court and called on all Democratic presidential candidates to do the same.

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