Demand Justice Statement on News that a Second Flag Associated with January 6th was Flown on Justice Alito’s Property


May 22, 2024

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Washington, DC–Following new reporting Wednesday afternoon that in 2023 an “Appeal to Heaven” flag flew outside a beach house owned by Justice Samuel Alito, Demand Justice Managing Director Maggie Jo Buchanan released the following statement:

“Justice Alito is unfit to serve as a justice, let alone preside over cases concerning the 2020 election and attack on our nation’s Capitol. 

“Enough. This is not normal. Congress must act. And we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure they do.” 

On Tuesday Demand Justice launched a six-figure campaign by projecting the “Stop the Steal” symbol onto the U.S. Supreme Court. The campaign calls for Justice Alito’s recusal from election cases and for Congress to investigate his actions.