Demand Justice Statement on Historic LGBTQ+ Rights Ruling and Brett Kavanaugh’s Dissent

WASHINGTON, DC — Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon released the following statement Monday in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects gay and transgender workers from workplace discrimination: 

“This historic decision is a massive victory for LGBTQ+ activists who’ve built a movement so strong that not even John Roberts or Neil Gorsuch could ignore it. Unfortunately, hoping and praying that Roberts and Gorsuch will consistently do the right thing is not a winning strategy for securing our civil rights over the coming decades — or even for the remaining cases this term.”

“For those still wondering what kind of justice Brett Kavanaugh will be, in the span of a single hour, he indicated that he is fine with LGBTQ+ people being fired for who they are and also that he is chomping at the bit to gut common-sense gun reforms that the majority of Americans support. Republican Senators like Cory Gardner and Susan Collins who claim to support LGBTQ+ equality should and will be pressed on their vote to confirm Kavanaugh.”