Demand Justice Statement on Federal Judiciary Question at Democratic Presidential Debate

WASHINGTON, DC—Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon released the following statement Thursday after moderators asked about the courts at the PBS-Politico Democratic presidential debate:

“It is a positive sign that the candidates have now been asked about the courts twice in the past three debates, but the plans they’ve put forward still come up way too short. It won’t be enough to simply win the next election and follow the old playbook for appointing judges, as some candidates seem to think. The next Democratic president needs a big, bold plan to rebalance our courts.

“Trump’s judges are a threat to everything progressives care about, as this week’s Fifth Circuit ruling against the Affordable Care Act showed. We need our nominee to recognize the threat Trump judges represent rather than naively giving them the benefit of the doubt and hoping they will turn out to be ‘ok.’”

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