Demand Justice Statement on End of Supreme Court Term


June 30, 2022

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WASHINGTON, DC— In response to news that the Supreme Court has eviscerated the EPA’s ability to deal with climate change, accepted a case about the so-called independent state legislature doctrine, and ended its term, Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon issued the following statement:

“With this blow to the EPA’s authority, the Court has yet again rewarded big corporations and put Americans’ lives at risk. Beyond the issue of climate change, it is clear that so long as this partisan majority is in charge, the federal government will not be able to implement any major policies, no matter how popular and even though they may be duly enacted into law by the country’s two elected branches, without these unelected justices’ permission. That is not a sustainable way to run a country.

“Next term, the Court will consider a case that could give Republican state legislatures carte blanche to substitute Republican Party rule for democracy. Without reform, the Court poses an existential threat to our democracy.  

“This term has put to bed any question about whether the Republican supermajority will exercise even a modicum of restraint in implementing its radical agenda. In just a single term, they have decimated the country’s approach to abortion rights, climate change, gun violence prevention, tribal soverignty, and a host of other important issues. This is a radical, out-of-control Supreme Court. More is coming. We need the Democratic Party to recognize the existential threat posed by this Court and embrace calls for reform.”

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