Demand Justice Statement on Dale Ho Confirmation Hearing


December 1, 2021

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WASHINGTON, DC— Following voting rights expert Dale Ho’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, Demand Justice Chief Counsel Christopher Kang released the following statement:

“At this hearing, Dale Ho displayed the poise, thoughtfulness, and deep commitment to equal justice under the law that will make him a phenomenal federal judge. His moving testimonyabout his years of work to protect the voting rights of all Americans—Republicans and Democrats alike—underscores the perspective he will bring to a federal judiciary dominated by former prosecutors and corporate lawyers.” 

“Unsurprisingly, Republican senators who consistently oppose voting rights conjured faux-outrage, just as they have done for every other nominee of color with a civil rights background. Just as it has failed with those past nominees, it will fail here.” 

In the past day, legal experts from across the political spectrum, including former and current Republican-appointed judges and top Republican advocates, spoke out in favor of Ho’s confirmation, including former New York Court of Appeals Judge Robert Smith, Texas Supreme Court Justice Jimmy Blacklock, and Carter Phillips. 

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