Demand Justice Response to Brett Kavanaugh Stating His Intention to Strike Down Gun Violence Prevention Measures

WASHINGTON, DC—Demand Justice Chief Counsel Christopher Kang released the following statement Monday in response to Brett Kavanaugh making clear he will side with other Republican justices to strike down commonsense gun prevention measures in future cases:

“Brett Kavanaugh just officially put everyone on notice that no gun safety measures are safe now that he is on the Supreme Court.”

“The NRA spent millions to help Republicans hijack the Supreme Court, and now Kavanaugh has gratuitously issued a menacing opinion to make clear they will get a return on their investment soon enough. As gun violence prevention advocates warned at the time, a vote to confirm Kavanaugh was a vote to make gun violence in America worse, and every senator should be held accountable.”

“At a time when the American people are demanding solutions to the gun violence epidemic, the Republican majority on the Supreme Court is an existential threat to any and all commonsense solutions.”

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