Demand Justice Protests Federalist Society Annual Dinner with Video of January 6th Insurrection


November 11, 2021

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#BoycottFedSoc truck plays video of Federalist Society leader speaking to crowd on January 6th 

WASHINGTON, DC— Outside the annual Federalist Society dinner at Union Station in Washington, D.C., Demand Justice is playing a video calling for a boycott of the Federalist Society and emphasizing the role that the organization’s leaders played in fomenting attacks on the Capitol on January 6th.

The video highlights some of the many Federalist Society leaders who participated in attempts to overturn the result of the 2020 election. It juxtaposes a speech Federalist Society leader and Trump attorney John Eastman gave at the January 6th rally outside the Capitol with footage of subsequent violent attacks by participants. Eastman, who has been subpoenaed by the House select committee investigating the attacks, reportedly blamed the insurrection on Vice President Pence’s failure to block certification of the election. The video also features some of the other Federalist Society leaders and members who helped foment insurrection, including attorneys who supported lawsuits challenging the election and Sens. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz.

This action builds on past Demand Justice calls for donors to cut ties with the Federalist Society. In January, Demand Justice joined with End Citizens United to call on donors to stop giving to the organization following Eastman and other Federalist Society leaders’ support for attacks on the 2020 election. At the 2019 Federalist Society dinner featuring Brett Kavanaugh, Demand Justice played a video of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Pictures of the billboard truck can be viewed below. 

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