Demand Justice Praises Sens. Whitehouse And Wyden Pursuing Investigation Into Clarence Thomas Ethics Violations


JULY 9, 2024

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Washington, DC–Following news that Senators Whitehouse and Wyden sent a letter last week to the attorney general requesting that a special counsel investigate a number of Justice Clarence Thomas’s potential ethics and tax violations, Demand Justice Managing Director Maggie Jo Buchanan released the following statement: 

“We thank Sens. Whitehouse and Wyden for their dedication to ensuring that clear evidence of corruption within our courts does not go unexamined. As has become abundantly clear in recent months, our judiciary as a whole is badly in need of reforms that will restore its integrity and trust in the eyes of the American people. This includes treating U.S. Supreme Court justices like any other public official when they behave in ways that appear to flagrantly violate not only ethics rules but also even federal law.”