Demand Justice Launches Seven-Figure Ad Campaign Against GOP Rush to Confirm Supreme Court Justice Before Election


September 29, 2020

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Ad will target AZ, CO, IA, NC, and national audiences as part of previously announced $10 million campaign to oppose confirmation of any Trump nominee before the inauguration

WASHINGTON, DC— On Tuesday, Demand Justice debuted a national television ad campaign aimed at building opposition to confirmation of any Supreme Court justice before the inauguration. The ad will air in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, and North Carolina as well as on national cable as part of a previously announced $10 million campaign to oppose confirmation of any Trump nominee before the voters can have a say.

The ad – which will appear in and around the presidential debate tonight – highlights the lasting implications of a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court as well as the need for Congress to focus on relief for the COVID-19 crisis.

A narrator says: “It’s a lifetime appointment, and a majority of Americans say the vote for the next Supreme Court justice should wait until after the election. But instead of letting our voices be heard, Trump and McConnell are rushing it through and taking a shortcut to the highest court in the land. There’s a pandemic devastating every corner of the country. But they’re just rushing to play politics with the court. It’s a lifetime appointment, tell senators to do it right.”

Ads airing on local television will identify the state’s senator by name.

The ad cites a recent ABC/Washington Post poll, which found that a majority of Americans oppose efforts by President Trump and the Republican-led Senate to ram through a Supreme Court nominee shortly before the November election. Since the death of Justice Ginsburg, at least nine public polls have shown a majority of Americans oppose Trump filling the Supreme Court seat before the election.

“Mitch McConnell’s plan to rush through a Supreme Court confirmation before the election while ignoring the COVID-19 crisis is on a collision course with what a clear majority of Americans want,” said Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon. “Senators should be thinking seriously about whether they want to strap themselves to Trump’s last-ditch effort to cement his legacy over clear public opposition.”

The ad can be found here with images below: