Ad Features Former Collins Supporter Saying Collins’ ‘Actions Don’t Back Up her Words’ Promising to Protect Women’s Rights

WASHINGTON, DC—On Tuesday, Demand Justice announced a six-figure investment in a new digital ad campaign in Maine regarding Senator Susan Collins’ vote for Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court. The announcement follows the release of a Morning Consult poll that identifies Collins as the most unpopular senator in the country.

The 30-second ad features Amy, a Cumberland, Maine resident who says Collins’ vote for Kavanaugh made her “realize that Susan Collins was not true to her word” when she claims to support abortion rights. The ad then encourages Mainers to call on Collins to stop voting for President Donald Trump’s anti-choice judicial nominees.

This is the second Demand Justice ad to feature Amy, who identifies herself as a past supporter of Collins’. The first ad was announced last October.

“Susan Collins is the most unpopular senator in America and her fateful decision to vote for Brett Kavanaugh is a big reason why,” said Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon. “Kavanaugh will likely be the deciding vote in a number of major cases this term, and Collins will own every one of those rulings. We will make sure Mainers know the consequences of Collins’ vote to put Kavanaugh on the Court.”

A transcript of the ad can be found below.


AMY: “I used to support Susan Collins because I believed that she was a moderate and voice of reason in the political realm.

“Her vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh made me realize that Susan Collins was not true to her word when she said that she supported a woman’s right to choose.

“It’s easy to say, and she says it often, but her actions don’t back up her words.”

TEXT ON SCREEN: Tell Susan Collins to stop voting for Trump’s anti-choice judges (202) 224-2523

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