Demand Justice Announces $500,000 Ad Campaign Highlighting Supreme Court’s Attack On Voting Rights In Wisconsin

Ad Features Jennifer Taff, Milwaukee Voter Who Held Iconic Sign Saying ‘This is Ridiculous’ as She Waited in Line to Vote

WASHINGTON, DC—On Friday, Demand Justice announced a new ad campaign featuring Jennifer Taff, a Wisconsin social worker forced to vote in person in the middle of a deadly global pandemic because of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision limiting absentee voting in the state. Taff captured national attention when she brought a sign to her polling location reading “This is Ridiculous.”

Demand Justice will invest $500,000 in the campaign, which will run in Wisconsin and nationally. The ad buy will consist of video and banner ads, as well as ads placed on popular podcasts.

Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon said:

“We believe 2020 is the year that the Supreme Court goes so far overboard with partisan rulings that it makes the future of the Court a mobilizing issue for progressives. This ad campaign will be the kickoff of a major investment we intend to make over the coming months. The attempt to steal the election in Wisconsin didn’t succeed, but we want to make sure the public never forgets what the Court tried to do with its ruling in this case. The Republicans on the Supreme Court have attacked voting rights before, but this time, they crossed a new line when they forced people to choose between protecting their health and exercising their right to vote.”

In the ad, Taff says:

“The Supreme Court made us go in the middle of a pandemic to exercise our right to vote. It was ridiculous. You have now proved to me you will choose politics over the well-being, health, safety — the very lives — of people in Wisconsin. Where would that stop? What other ways are you going to play politics with the lives of American citizens?

The ad closes with text saying: ‘‘Our courts have become too political. It’s time to say: enough”

The ad can be found here:

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