Broad Coalition of Progressive Groups Urges Senator Durbin to Investigate Alito Reports and Chief Justice’s Handling of Serious Ethics Concerns


May 29, 2024

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25 progressive groups representing a diverse set of issues, including voting rights, reproductive rights, workers’ rights and economic justice, civil rights, religious liberty, gun violence prevention, and climate protection ask Senate Judiciary Committee to act 

Washington, DC–On Wednesday afternoon, following news that Justice Samuel Alito has refused to recuse himself from election related cases before the US Supreme Court, Demand Justice led a coalition of twenty-five organizations that collectively represent Americans across the country in sending a letter to Senate Judiciary Chairman Durbin calling on the Senate Judiciary Committee to act. 

Specifically, the letter urges Senator Durbin to launch an investigation and make findings into Justice Alito’s compliance with longstanding federal law and ethical standards, following reports of Justice Alito flying flags associated with the January 6th insurrection on his residential properties while considering cases associated with the 2020 election. The groups also call for the Senate Judiciary Committee to investigate Chief Justice Roberts’s handling of this matter, given his apparent inaction. 

“Investigations are critical to showing the American people that their elected leaders are committed to a judiciary worthy of our trust… While the report of Justice Alito’s property flying a symbol of election denialism is profoundly concerning and unprecedented, we would be remiss not to note that these revelations occur amidst a long train of highly irregular actions by the Court, including but not limited to with respect to Justice Alito himself,” the letter reads. 

The letter also comes a day after new reporting by the New York Times brought into question the veracity of Justice Alito’s statements about flying the “Stop the Steal” flag on his property in 2021 and shed light on an escalating conflict between Martha-Ann Alito and a neighbor. 

“The American people deserve an investigation into both Justice Alito’s conduct and, perhaps even more importantly, the Chief Justice’s handling of these alarming reports,” said Demand Justice Managing Director Maggie Jo Buchanan. “This is not how the Supreme Court is meant to function. Congress must use its constitutional powers to begin to repair the damage done to the Court, our democracy, and the rule of law.”

The letter to Sen. Durbin follows after Demand Justice launched a six-figure public awareness effort and ad campaign calling on the Senate Judiciary Committee to take action.  

The full letter, which was first reported in Politico, can be found here.

A list of signers can be found below:


Alliance for Justice

American Humanist Association

Center for American Progress

Climate Hawks Vote

Court Accountability Action

Demand Justice

Enough of Gun Violence

Free Speech For People

Freedom From Religion Foundation

Get Money Out – Maryland

Indivisible Santa Fe

Kentucky Alliance Against Racist And Political Repression


National Women’s Law Center

People For the American Way

People Power United

People’s Parity Project

Reproductive Freedom for All

Revolving Door Project

Secure Elections Network

Stand Up America

Take Back the Court Action Fund

The Workers Circle

United For Democracy