Broad Coalition Doubles Down on Demanding Prompt Resolution of Trump Tax Return Cases

Court has Thus Far Made No Move Toward Ensuring Public Access to Oral Arguments During Coronavirus

WASHINGTON, DC—Center for Popular Democracy, Common Cause, Demand Justice, Indivisible, People for the American Way, Stand Up, and Tax March released the following statement Wednesday in response to the Supreme Court’s failure to announce a new date for oral arguments in Trump v. Mazars and Trump v. Deutsche Bank:

“The Supreme Court must announce a plan to resolve without delay the three cases in which President Trump is trying to keep his financial records secret from investigators. While it is appropriate to suspend in-person oral arguments in accordance with public health guidelines and to delay some other cases, the Court’s failure to make alternative arrangements in this time-sensitive case only serves to sanction Trump’s stonewalling of investigators by indefinitely interfering with lawful subpoenas.

“Delaying this case is effectively picking a side. Every day that Trump is allowed to keep his tax returns secret is a day that he has won and the public has lost. The only reason investigators do not currently have access to Donald Trump’s tax returns and financial records is that the Supreme Court stayed three correctly-decided lower court rulings then declined to hear the cases on an expedited basis.

“The Court must either decide these cases before the end of the term in June or allow the lower court decisions to stand. Whatever solution the Court adopts must also allow Americans transparency into the process by live-streaming whatever arguments do take place in real time.”

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