55 Illinois Elected Leaders Endorse Supreme Court Expansion


January 11, 2022

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Reps. Schakowsky, Davis and Newman will join state leaders, Demand Justice for a virtual town hall later today

WASHINGTON, DC— On Tuesday, 55 Illinois elected officials announced their support for adding four seats to the United States Supreme Court, a proposal designed to restore balance to a Court captured by far-right interests. The endorsers include two-dozen members of the state legislature, mayors, aldermen, and city council members representing 21 cities from across the state.

Five members of the Illinois congressional delegation have already endorsed the Judiciary Act of 2021, the bill in Congress to add four seats to the Court. Reps. Danny Davis, Jesús García, Marie Newman, Bobby Rush, and Jan Schakowsky are among the bill’s 46 supporters in the House of Representatives. In recent weeks, the bill has picked up the endorsement of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is the third supporter in the Senate.

Demand Justice has been organizing support at the grassroots level for the Judiciary Act, including from state- and county-level elected officials. Leaders from other states will be announced over the coming weeks. 

On Tuesday at 7 p.m. CT, Reps. Schakowsky, Davis and Newman will join Illinois Assistant Majority Leader Marcus Evans, State Rep. Lakesia Collins, and State Sen. Michael Simmons on a call hosted by Illinois Democratic Women and Indivisible Illinois about the importance of expanding the Court. The elected leaders will be joined by Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon and Illinois strategist Jennifer Lee, an advisor to Demand Justice. Members of the press interested in joining the call should email [email protected]

The following elected officials issued statements explaining why they support Supreme Court expansion:

“Recent Supreme Court decisions disproportionately benefit corporations and the wealthy, at the expense of workers and organized labor. We need to expand the Court to provide balance in the interest of economic justice.” – Assistant Majority Leader Marcus C. Evans, Jr., 33rd District

“Until we expand the Court and restore balance, all common sense gun violence prevention measures will be at risk of being struck down by hyper partisan justices.” – State Representative Kam Buckner, 26th District

“Despite the clear and urgent threat of climate change, Republican justices on the Supreme Court seem intent on making it harder for the government to take action. Either we pass the Judiciary Act and add justices or we face a climate catastrophe.” – State Representative Bob Morgan, 58th District

“The Republican supermajority on the Supreme Court is laser focused on taking away our long-established rights, including access to abortion. Everyone who values these rights needs to join the fight to expand the Court right now.” – State Representative Delia Ramirez, 4th District

“Republican Supreme Court justices have fueled the assault on our democratic institutions by striking down key provisions in the Voting Rights Act and opening a flood of special interest money in our elections. If we want a government of, by, and for the people, then we must pass the Judiciary Act.” – Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson, 1st District

Illinois elected officials who would like to join this statement supporting Supreme Court expansion can sign up here.

A full list of the Illinois state elected officials endorsing Supreme Court expansion is below and available here.

Statewide Officials

  • Susana Mendoza, Comptroller, State of Illinois

Illinois State Senators

  • Senator Christopher Belt, District 57, Illinois Senate
  • Senator Sara Feigenholtz, District 6, Illinois Senate
  • Senator Laura Fine, District 9, Illinois Senate
  • Majority Caucus Whip Michael Hastings, District 19, Illinois Senate
  • Assistant Majority Leader Antonio Muñoz, District 1, Illinois Senate
  • Senator Robert Peters, District 13, Illinois Senate
  • Senator Mike Simmons, District 7, Illinois Senate

Illinois State Representatives

  • Assistant Majority Leader Jaime Andrade, Jr., District 40, Illinois House of Representatives
  • Representative Dagmara Avelar, District 85, Illinois House of Representatives
  • Representative Kam Buckner, District 26, Illinois House of Representatives
  • Representative Kelly Cassidy, District 14, Illinois House of Representatives
  • Representative Lakesia Collins, District 9, Illinois House of Representatives
  • Representative Deb Conroy, District 46, Illinois House of Representatives
  • Representative Terra Costa Howard, District 48, Illinois House of Representatives
  • Assistant Majority Leader Marcus C. Evans, Jr., District 33, Illinois House of Representatives
  • Representative LaShawn Ford, District 8, Illinois House of Representatives
  • Majority Conference Chairperson LaToya Greenwood, District 114, Illinois House of Representatives
  • Representative Debbie Meyers-Martin, District 38, Illinois House of Representatives
  • Representative Bob Morgan, District 58, Illinois House of Representatives
  • Representative Aaron Ortiz, District 1, Illinois House of Representatives
  • Assistant Majority Leader Delia Ramirez, District 4, Illinois House of Representatives
  • Representative Lamont Robinson, District 5, Illinois House of Representatives
  • Representative Nicholas Smith, District 34, Illinois House of Representatives
  • Representative Ann Williams, District 11, Illinois House of Representatives

County Officials

  • Commissioner Alma Amaya, Cook County Board, 7th District
  • Commissioner Eira L. Corral Sepúlveda, Chicago Water Reclamation District
  • Board member Paul Frank, Lake County Board, 11th District
  • Commissioner Brandon Johnson, Cook County Board, 1st District
  • Commissioner Stanley Moore, Cook County Board, 4th District
  • Board member Jackie Traynere, Will County Board, 4th District


  • Mayor Robert Eastern III, East St Louis
  • Mayor Rory Hoskins, Forest Park
  • Mayor (former) Mark Jackson, Centreville
  • Mayor (former) Joann Reed, Alorton

Local Aldermen/Councilmembers

  • Alderman Howard Brookins, Jr., Ward 21, Chicago City Council
  • Alderman Felix Cardona, Ward 31, Chicago City Council
  • Alderman Stephanie Coleman, Ward 16, Chicago City Council
  • Alderwoman Kristin DiCenso, Ward 6, Springfield City Council
  • Alderwoman Sue Garza, Ward 10, Chicago City Council
  • Councilmember Michelle Holleman, Highland Park City Council
  • Councilmember (former) Alyssa Knobel, Highland Park City Council
  • Alderman David Moore, Ward 17, Chicago City Council
  • Alderman Ariel Reboyros, Ward 30, Chicago City Council
  • Alderman Roderick Sawyer, Ward 6, Chicago City Council
  • Councilmember Adam Stolberg, Highland Park City Council

Other Local Leaders

  • Supervisor Alyson Feiger, West Deerfield Township
  • Supervisor Anne Flanigan Bassi, Moraine Township
  • Toi Hutchinson, President/CEO Marijuana Policy Project, formerly Senior Advisor, Office of Illinois Governor Pritzker
  • Trustee (former) Dan Johnson, Wilmette Library Board
  • Assistant Superintendent & Former Mayor Curtis McCall, Jr., Cahokia Unit School District, 187th District
  • Supervisor (former) Curtis McCall, Sr., Centreville Township
  • Pam Monetti, IL Democratic County Chairs Association
  • Vivian Robinson, Democratic State Central Committee
  • Trustee Atour Sargon, Lincolnwood Board of Trustees

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