WMUR: Progressive judicial group targets Democrat Michael Bennet in TV, digital ads


MANCHESTER, N.H.—The first New Hampshire issue-based television ad of the 2020 presidential campaign will hit Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet about a week after he announced his candidacy for president.

The attack comes from a progressive issues advocacy group, Demand Justice, which is dedicated to blocking President Donald Trump’s attempts to appoint right-of-center judges.

The group said it will launch television and digital ads in New Hampshire charging that Bennet is helping Trump in “giving our courts a right-wing makeover.” The TV ad is scheduled to start airing on WMUR on Friday and run for two weeks, it said.

Bennet’s campaign called the attack “ridiculous” because Bennet voted against both of Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court nominees and opposed a majority of Trump’s judges who have come up for recorded votes. Many votes for judges have been on voice votes, the campaign pointed out.

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