Vox: A progressive group is trying to create a 2020 litmus test on judges



Demand Justice, a progressive activist group dedicated to blocking Republican efforts to remake the federal judiciary, has issued a report card rating how Democratic senators voted on judges this past year. And it’s got some pretty harsh feedback for some presidential hopefuls.

The report card includes grades generated based on how senators have voted on the Supreme Court, circuit court, and district court nominees that President Trump put forth from 2017 to 2018, as well as their history of returning “blue slips” for judges tied to their states. (For judicial nominees who are associated with a particular state, the senators representing that state can indicate they approve of the nominee via a document known as a “blue slip.” If they withhold the blue slip, it signals that they disapprove. Historically, if a home-state senator did not return the blue slip for a nominee, that person would be effectively dropped from consideration. Republicans have said, however, they don’t intend to adhere to this norm.)

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