TIME: The Next Big Idea in the Democratic Primary: Expanding the Supreme Court?



When Antonin Scalia died, Senate Republicans held his seat open for a record 293 days under the argument that the successor should be chosen by the next president — hopefully, to their minds, a Republican. When Democrats responded by filibustering that nomination, the GOP majority voted to eliminate the old 60-vote rule on Supreme Court nominations.

Now some progressives think it’s time for Democrats to play a little hardball of their own.

…Brian Fallon, a Democratic strategist who led the Left’s opposition to those two nominees through the group Demand Justice and former aide to Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, has come around on the idea of court packing as a valid response. “The Kavanaugh Court is a partisan operation,” Fallon said in announcing Demand Justice’s partnership with Pack the Court. “Democracy simply cannot function when stolen courts operate as political shills.”

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