National Journal: Michael Bennet Leads All 2020 Hopefuls in Backing Trump Court Picks


DENVER—In the early months of the Trump administration, even his most fervent opponents in the Senate helped him when it came to the courts. The would-be 2020 candidates for president repeatedly voted to confirm the judicial nominees of the man they hoped to replace, racking up at least a dozen “aye” votes for those posts. 

But as the presidential election neared, fewer and fewer senators seeking the White House were voting to grant lifelong judicial appointments to President Trump’s picks. Only Sen. Michael Bennet, who is on the cusp of declaring his own bid for the highest office, continues to do so.

In all, the Coloradan has voted to confirm 32 of Trump’s 99 successful nominees to all federal courts, more than any other Democratic candidate for president, according to National Journal analysis

…Demand Justice, a progressive group opposed to Trump’s judicial nominees, already ran a digital ad in early primary states calling out Bennet and Klobuchar for “siding with Trump.” The group’s executive director, Brian Fallon, told National Journal that it also has an advertisement in the can dedicated to knocking Bennet’s record if he runs.

The spot morphs Trump’s face into Bennet’s as it accuses the senator of “helping” the president’s “right-wing makeover” of the courts. It further cites his opposition to expanding the size of the Supreme Court and his testimony on behalf of Colorado native Neil Gorsuch “when Trump picked him for the Supreme Court seat stolen from President Obama.” (At Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing, Bennet said he believed Gorsuch deserved consideration even after Republicans had denied Judge Merrick Garland a vote, because “two wrongs never make a right.”)

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