Kang op-ed in The Daily Beast: Mitch McConnell Turned the Courts Conservative—and Democrats Helped Him



Nuclear Mitch” McConnell may be destroying the Senate, but he’s not irrational. The senseless ones are the Democrats who refuse to follow the precedent he has set, so we can restore balance to our courts in the future.

Republicans have long understood that the courts are central to implementing their extreme, unpopular agenda. A Republican-controlled Congress and White House can’t repeal the Affordable Care Act? Ask the court to strike it down instead. Support for Roe v. Wade at a record high? Just tee up a dozen cases for the five Republican men on the Supreme Court to criminalize abortion for you.

So it should be no surprise that when Republicans have power, they manipulate and leverage it to the greatest extent possible to achieve their highest priority: packing the courts with narrow-minded judges who will favor corporations and the powerful, while turning back the clock on our rights, for generations.

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