Hatcher-Mays Op-Ed in Rewire.News: It’s Time for Democrats to Get Serious About Reforming the Supreme Court



Here’s a nightmare scenario for you. In 2020, Democrats could win back the White House, the Senate, and maintain their majority in the House of Representatives. They could pass a slate of dream progressive policies like “Medicare for All” and the Green New Deal. And it won’t matter—because the current U.S. Supreme Court, stacked with conservative ideologues, will overturn all of it.

This keeps me up at night, because the nightmare scenario has a very strong chance of becoming reality unless progressives get serious about reforming the Court.

It’s hard to keep track of all the terrible things that have happened and continue to happen daily, hourly, and by the second under President Donald Trump. But the scariest thing about the Trump presidency isn’t the barrage of apparent criminal activity, the incoherent public appearances, or even the fact that peace in the Middle East is in the hands of an idiotic failson who got into Harvard because his dad donated millions. The scariest thing is that Trump has been more successful than any other president in stacking our federal courts with extreme, right-wing, unqualified judges.

These judges are confirmed for life. Trump’s judges will outlast his presidency. The nightmare that is Donald Trump won’t end even after he leaves office.

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